Ooft exama are evil.
School's been sooooo evil >_>" damn all the exams ;n;

I've bought majority of fabrics for Lightning Farron and Lili Rochefort. LOL about the Tekken group-it's finally in order and getting somewhere and it's such a relief since this is my first group doing a skit with that much people it was a big stress and i bad this big fight with a few members and now I've lost mh Zafina which is big shame because pretty relevant to Tekken6.

But over with that it's going good now 8D

Well then just need to buy the checkered scarf for Lili and fabrics for Mugi of K-ON!'s LISTEN!! xD i also need plain white heels. It's so hard to find plain. Coloured shoes these days =n="

Since i've studying 24/7 i haven't had to even work abit on my cosplays at all. I was planning to draw up my patterns for Lightning and and at least cut my fabrics during this week but i guess there was more to study than i thought there would be and tonight's my Granddfather's death anniversary so i don't know if there'll be time to do anything so I'll try to at least draw my patterns tonight.

I just want to focus on the prayers for my Grandfather.

So yeah.

Sorry for not updating much :L i'm more active on my Yam BLOG http://blog.yam.com/fuyumi162


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