Confirmed List of Cosplay.
I've dropped many this year >_>" I think OnO"

So this is the list I'm sticking with for 2010. No adding. NADA. I hope :LLL

Mini Animania (Saturday)
Sheryl Nome Diamond Creavasse Purple Dress (Macross Frontier)

Saturday Lightning "Eclair" Farron -Cosplay Comp- (FFXII)
Sunday Lili Rochefort -Group Skit- (Tekken 6)
Sunday Kotobuki Tsumugi LISTEN!! (K-ON!!)

SMASH! (Saturday)
Mari Illustrious Makinami (EVA2.0)
Luka Megurine Sandplay of the Dragon -Cosplay Comp- (VOCALOID)

Main Animania
Saturday Miku Hatsune [LOVE EAGER REVENGE] Love is War -Cosplay Comp- (VOCALOID)
Sunday Sheryl Nome Album Cover White -Cosplay Comp- (Macross Frontier)


12th JUNE Lightning "Eclair" Farron (FFXIII)
10th OCTOBER Akiza Izinski (YGO5Ds)
TBA Ryunosuke Miyaji (Starry☆Sky) << will be doing much more characters :3
DECEMBER Lluvia Loxar (Fairy Tail)
DECEMBER Gauche Suede (Tegami Bachi)
DECEMBER Nanoha Takamachi (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS)

Tenma Tsukamoto (School Rumble) *still not sure what year this is to happen :LL*

So yeah...It still seems like a lot =n="

Well Lightning's not going good. My inside shirt is fail...I need to buy a different material >_>" So Now I'm starting the coat...I still need to buy wood for my gun and some foam for my shoulder cap thing >_>" My wig is alright...Not really spiking but it's alright:

Lightning wig preview =CUT=

and ahahahha I need to buy lip concealer. My real lips are really red >_>"

Lili is not going anywhere wither...I've just done the skirt ==' TBH I'm really anxious doing the shirt :LLL 'Cause I really don't like doing them...Because I haven't really done them before >n<;; Maybe I should get it tailored :LLL But I don't have much money left >_>"

Also Mugi...I can't find the striped sailor pattern for her shirt. I've decided to applique the heart on and the skirt should be find. Just need to find that net-like fabric (yes, I don't know my fabrics D:)

And shoes...

I'm thinking a simple ankle-high shoe (brown and then I'll glue/handsew the brown and grey fabrics onto the shoe to make Lightning's boots :LL

Oh and dayum how about those buckles :LL I don't know where to get them :"(

And then I need to buy white boots and then add some reds and for Mugi I need to find simple single-coloured white heels :LLL Lots of shoes...Need to find a discount. CABRAMATTA IS THE ANSWER ! <333

All this needs to be done in 3 weeks. I don't think I can do it. Just like I don't think I'll be able to finish my Art Major due first period tomorrow morning >_>"

OMFG And I still need to tell my mum...and convince her to let me out of Vietnamese School for SUPANOVA on the Sunday DDDD":

I am so dead.


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Cosplay is complicated... i cant cosplay at all i guess cuz im too ugly =_=
Matt | URL | 2010/06/06/Sun 18:47 [Edit]
Re: uhmm
> Cosplay is complicated... i cant cosplay at all i guess cuz im too ugly =_=

What? That's not true xD Your better than you say you are. WAYYYYY better.

And there's always a first for everything n_n
ふゆみ | URL | 2010/06/07/Mon 10:37 [Edit]

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