Holidays on Nurofen Rapid.
Yar. 'cause it is on Nurofen Rapid QnQ

Went to watch Toy Story 3. I cried...alot. Kept my 3D glasses on 'cause I was scared my eyes were too puffy and obvious to the fact that I was crying >n<

Had a haircut :L

Ohhh and I recieved the SMASH! Travelling Artbook :) I drew on 3 pages SHHHHH! I'm only meant to draw on 2 pages max...but I couldn't help myself >n<;;

And check it out...I'm finally botehred to start my which it's story has been on me for 3 years >_>" I once again changed all my characters appearance and found some motivation (competition) and so yeah...Have a stack of my shoujo manga to help me study >8) 'cause I'm such a noob Q_Q My thing's called "Love Potion" pretty typical shoujo so yeah :LLL Oh and if you ever search that name up'll get some disturbing anime...*COUGH*HENTAI*COUGH*


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