SMASH! Report :LLL


photo credit to gochisou-deshita

SMASH WAS AWESOME !!!!! I would have to say it's my best con yet xDDD Loved Town Hall, beautiful and spaceful venue...just the stairs were a pain. I should stop cosplaying characters that involve me wearing heels that are high enough to kill me...

I went and cosplayed Luka Megurine of Sandplay of the Dragon :) My cosplay wasn't complete yet but it was complete enough with my simple improvisations and I'm going to finish it off and hopefully find some time to have a shoot :)

Me & friend lyncee@Yuuki; secondshot: Beethy, Nad@RaceQueen Luka & me :); thirdshot: Skye@Yuna & me OTL; fourthshot: xrysx@RaceQueen Miku & me ^^;;

ehhhhhh~ got to take some pictures with awesomesauce people~ *flails*

Though would of been nice to of had pictures with other people that I saw in which I forgot to ask a photo with like Little Aly, Glorf and Harmony, Miyu, Will, Straw, etc, etc. Because they are the people of fame in our little state of NSW...and Australia altogether :)

And that's it...I never have alot to say unless there was a disaster of something xDD


Wells, Main Animania is happening in 5 weeks. WHY CAN'T THESE CONS GIVE US SPACE !! QnQ

My cosplays are:
Saturday; Kazuki (Starry Sky) & Mirka Fortuna (Trinity Blood)
Sunday; Miku Hatsune (LOVEEAGERREVENGE) & Sheryl Nome - White Bunny (The False Songstress)

Why do these have to be such difficult cosplays QnQ I'm only doing the Summer uniform for Starry Sky now because it doesn't include the blazer :L and Mirka *q* bleh TB costumes are always difficult :( Miku I've done and Sheryl...I don't even know how her costume fully works "OTL !!


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