My Birthday and Shizz
Hello ~

161209 was my birthday ! >////< And I am now 15 years old. :) Gawd I feel so old :(

I guess my birthday was pretty ordinary. I mean, it wasn't any different from last year's, or the year before :L My birthday celebrations actually started on the night of the 15th 'cause late night Christmas shopping has started so yeah. My parents - along with my uncles and aunty and cousin - brought us to "Iron Chef Restuarant" xD Loved the food took loads of pictures of the food ROFL


trying to upload pictures. OTL

The pictures wont upload D: So sadd " EFF YOU FC2 ! uhh jk?"

food desu

AHA here we go :D

well anyways, after dinner - or in between waiting for the food - I opened my PURESENTO ! I got a D-3000 Nikon - AND I FREAKING LOVE IT - from my parents, a pair of shoes from my aunt and moneyyyssss ! <3 $u$





So yeah, I'm having so much fun with my camera and there's going to be a Pokemon Photoshoot this weekend and I'm coming as a photographer n_n But I'll still be cosplaying, as Miku Hatsune though to add photos to my Summer Album :)

On my actually birthday, I went out with a couple of friends - Jason, Josun + Had a fun time. Too bad I only brought $40 ;n; spend most on the damn gambling machines at Capitol !!! and Yeah....

So I only bought all things Kuroshitsuji

ciel picos

Another ting I wanna bring up. Sigh I really like you Mark Greene !! But since you're going out with my friend. I guess I'll be happy for you ;n;

I just feel so evil - feeling jealous of my friend because she's dating Mark but then again, she's liked him for longer than I have.


And Here are some pictures with my Dear Camera xD And a Make-up Test OTL




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