Not-so-happy Halloween.
Really sad I didn't get to do a Halloween shoot >n<;;

Really really really sad. And why? My machine's been held captive by the sewing machine fixer :( Turns out a broke my feed. And I was supposed to get it back in October but the dude's on holidays and won't get back to me until Nov 9 :'( Thank god all the shoots I have close to the 9th are really simple one :) Rhyme, Sakura (Gakuen), Lluvia & Leaf :DDD

I was going to do Miku Trick or Treat but now I guess not :( Well, there's always next year :"D

Oh btw ! I'm a judge for cosLink, a newly established project :D We're having our first competition at the moment. This is a world wide project we're planning :) This competition is Christmas themed and entries are already being received. The best 13 will be picked and will be featured in our 2011 Calendar, these will be sold and posted free of charge for the featured. All money raised will be donated to a charity :) Since this is originally made in Australia, our donations will be made here. But as we get bigger we will think about donating for overseas charities. Our website is due to be released in December which will feature forums, cosplay news and interviews form oversea events seeing as we have representatives from a number of countries ^^ (And looking for more) We are currently on the look out for representatives for America, Canada, Europe and New Zealand :) Our future plans will be other season magazines (themes e.g. New year, valentines, etc.), as well as a "Best of [year]" Magazine :)

Please take a look at our facebook page of our Christmas competition and event page :)

FB Page | Event Page


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