Farewell Saya

MARCH 14 2011 - Saya's departure from our world. I chose this specific photo because Yoko Littner was the first cosplay I saw of Saya's- and I'd been a fan of hers ever since. Her beauty and way of expression as well as the character she had portrayed as a cosplayer. They are all great things to be missed.

Saya's Fanpage on Facebook had confirmed her condition by Saya's friends, family as well as her co-workers. It was devastating news when I first read it, all these blogs paying homage to her - It was devastating news but yet I didn't feel too much of a pain, she was an idol to many but that was exactly what she was to me, just an idol. I couldn't find that grief you would find in a friend or close relations, but when I saw images of Yoko...That's when it really hit me, the tears started to flow. It's absolutely saddening, just four days after the Tsunami and she'd been in an accident.

She was at the wrong place at the wrong time, but we can't do anything about it, it was decided by life that it was her turn to go. She was a great person and an inspiration to all. She was like Pokemon to me - I first discovered anime through Pokemon and Saya was the cosplayer who really brought me into the hobby. I thank her for everything despite us having never met or exchanged words, she was someone I looked up to.

She will be greatly missed and she will not be forgotten.

Rest In Peace Saya.

You will forever in my prayers and my heart.


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