Cosplay Sponsoring Event !
Hey guys ! Recently, I've joined a cosplayer sponsor competition from

The winners will be able to be sent costumes and wigs, all for FREE ! I'll be reviewing and testin these costumes for you guys to see if they're good or not ! Please don't think that I will always be praising them or such even if it isn't so good. I assure you, I am a very honest perso, especially when it comes to recommending the best for fellow cosplayers searching for help for supplies :"P

So far, there are only a handful of cosplayers in the running but I'm sure the number of contestants will only grow ! I hope you guys can vote for me when they post my image up for voting because I'd really like this opportunity.

For me, I can see it as a way for me to keep cosplaying in the year which I said I'd have a break. When I said I'd go on a break, it was a break form sewing, and since I sew all my costumes, the end of my cosplying would no doubt have to end, but to be sponsored would be awesome !

I just want to say Good Luck to everyone in the running and hope you guys, my readers can vote for me :)

If you are also interested to be in the running with me and other more amazing cosplayers, just download the application and send it to with the subject of "Cosplay Sponsor Application" :)


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