Mukuro Rokudo (15YO)

Victorique [SMASH!]
I'm almost finished ! I just need to do the skirt 8DD I'm out of fabrics so I'm going to go out today and buy some more and hopefully finish tomorrow afternoon. I don't want to pull another all-nighter ^^;;

So today, before I go out and buy my fabrics, I'm going to work on my top hat :)
[進捗状況] ~サヨナラノツバサ~から看護師!シェリル :)
I have been working on Nurse!Sheryl to hopefully have a photoshoot for it on Sunday :) I still need to go and buy some more fabrics and buttons and I will be done ! Here's my progress at the moment~

Photo on 2011-07-08 at 14.43

Hope you like it? xD

Until next time,
Ja ne ! ♥

SMASH! Cosplay Progress Preview :)
Photo on 2011-07-04 at 22.38

Photo on 2011-07-04 at 22.40
CosMode Ranking?
Hey guys ! I just registered on CosBlog :) It's a Ranking Site form Cosmode to rank you against the rest of the world...or the rest of whose registered :)

Hope you guys can help me debut by giving me some votes to get my rank started on it's way ;9


Just click that and you'll get to my blog. By simply going here it gives me a vote, you don't have to look around if you don't want to though xP
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